"Soula" is the big winner of the "26th International Meetings of Cinema, Television, Video and Multimedia - AVANCA 2022", closing the 10 days of a film festival that celebrated a quarter century of world cinema.

Directed by the Algerian Issaad Salah, this film won the Cinema Award for Best Feature Film and the Best Cinematography Award (Arthur Fanget).
In this film, Soula, a young single mother, is rejected by her family. Homeless, on a long night, along endless roads and in a spiral of unhappy but dazzling encounters.
Special Mentions were also given to the feature films "Make-Believers" by Kenjo McCurtain (Japan) and "Travels in Foreign Heads" by António Amaral (France), which also received the award for best director. The actors of this French film were also awarded the Prize for Best Actor to Julien Darney and a Special Mention to Amine Benrachid.

The Short Film Award went to the film "Toutes les Nuits" by Latifa Said (France), which was also distinguished with the Best Screenplay Award. The short film "Without You" by Italian filmmaker Sergio Falchi received a Special Mention.
The short film from Spain "Sorda" by Eva Libertad and Nuria Munoz was awarded the Best Sound and Best Actress (Miriam Garlo).
The animation prize was awarded to "Aquamation" by Ho-yueh Chen (Taiwan).
The cinema jury was chaired by Ana Pires, and included Golam Rabbany Biplob (Bangladesh), Christine Boghemans (Belgium), Gérald Canivet (Belgium), and Cristina Cavalcanti (Brazil).
The film "Soula" by Salah Issaad (Algeria) and the short film "Sorda" by Nuria Muños and Eva Libertad (Spain), were also the winners of the D. Quixote Award of the FICC - International Federation of Film Societies, of which Hasan Mahmud (Bangladesh) and Pedro Medeiros were the jury.

The World Premiere Feature Film Prize was awarded to "José Luís Espinosa - o espião" by Alfonso Palazon (Portugal), by the jury composed by the filmmakers Francisco Ávila, Luís Diogo and Luís Moya.
"José Luís Espinosa - the spy" by Alfonso Palazón, also received the Avanca Competition Award and the World Premiere Award was given to "The Foam and the Lion" by Cláudio Jordão. The short animation film "Purgatory Airlines", directed by students from the School Monsenhor Miguel de Oliveira of Válega and with students from other European schools in a coordination by João Católico, received a Special Mention. The jury was composed by the film critic Germano Campos, Helena Batista from the Portuguese Film Academy and the actress Maria João Mata.
The video award was given to "Um narrador " by Miguel Seixas (Portugal) and the video "Transparent I am" by Yuri Muraoka (Japan) received a Special Mention. The World Premiere Video Award was given to "Once I passed" by Martin Gerigk (Germany). The jury of this award was composed by the researcher Mariana Bento Lopes, the critic Nuno Reis and the filmmaker Rui Filipe Torres.
The documentary "NTURUDU - Um carnaval sem máscara" by Arlindo Camacho (Portugal) won the Television Award and "No país de Alice" by Rui Simões (Portugal) and "Espejismos" by Alfonso Palazon (Spain), Special Mentions. The World Premiere Television Award was given to "Homebound" by Ismail Fahmi Lubis (Indonesia). The jury was made up of the photographer Mike Haydon (United Kingdom), poet António Souto, journalists Fernando Pinho, Manuel Freire, Manuel Vitorino, and Sara Silva, actor Carlos Rico, painter Henrique Vaz Duarte, and researcher Paulo Miguel Martins.

For the first time in AVANCA, the Television Series competition distinguished the series "Arthur (second season)" by Nick Rusconi (Switzerland), and the jury left a note of encouragement for "The Luxembourg colony" by Dominique Santana (Luxembourg). The jury was composed by the director Rui Nunes, the programmer Fátima Cabral, and the Brazilian researcher Inês Argôlo.
The film “Rapariga com um espelho” by Nuno Dias was awarded the <30 Prize, for directors under 30 years old. The jury was composed by the filmmakers Bernardo Cabral and Manuel Paula Dias.
The animated film "O Antiquário" by Manuel Matos Barbosa was awarded the Senior Prize, given by researcher Cláudia Martins and director Rui Nunes.
The "Trailer in Motion" competition distinguished the trailer "A Espuma e o Leão" by Cláudio Jordão (Portugal) and the video clip "Flow my Tears" by Henrique Vilão, Tiago Damas and Luís Ales (United Kingdom).
The jury, composed by the musician Sérgio Ferreira and the researcher Liliana Rosa, also gave Special Mentions to the trailer "Dead Line" by Diego Leanza and Sofia Szelske (Argentina) and to the video clip "Haus" by Tine Kluth (Germany, United Kingdom).
At AVANCA 2022, 30 films had their world premiere and 135 works were screened throughout the event.

Meanwhile, at the "AVANCA|CINEMA, International Conference Cinema - Art, Technology, Communication", the Eng. Fernando Gonçalves Lavrador Award, a posthumous tribute to one of the most important Portuguese researchers in the field of semiotics, aesthetics and film theory, distinguished the researcher Katrin Pieper of the University of Coimbra with her paper "Cut films and manipulated subtitles - The censorship of foreign films during the Estado Novo".
The jury of this award was composed by the academics Anabela Branco de Oliveira (UTAD, Portugal), Beatriz Legerén (University of Vigo), Filipe Muanis (UTAD, Portugal), Glória Moreno (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain), José Ribeiro (ID+) and Petra Dominkova (FAMU, Czech Republic).

In total, 11 juries made up of 39 individuals from 7 countries awarded 22 prizes and 11 special mentions.